The Scents

Dust & Rust believes in the spirit of adventure. All of our collections were inspired by worldly travel, outdoor adventures & the beauty of nature. Each offering was created recalling a special memory, feeling or place.


Inspired by cold nights & camping adventures— warm up with notes of teakwood, clove & sweet tobacco. This scent will give you those cozy feelings of relaxing next to a camp fire after a long day of exploring a new trail or national park. 


Like Gracie (the Adventure Pup) this scent is sweet & spicy all in one—just like her personality. Featuring notes of orange, clove, pine & black pepper, we call it a little bit of sunshine in a jar. 


Dreaming of the beach? Enjoy the fresh scents of eucalyptus & ocean breeze, complimented by sweet notes of coconut. Inspired by the views of Kauai, Hawaii— this scent will take you back to those happy & peaceful moments only the ocean can offer.


    Where never ending tall pine trees meet the ocean— refreshing notes of pine, vanilla & ocean breeze will leave you blissful with it's earthy sweetness & depth. Inspired by epic views along the coast, we call this one our California hiking scent.


    This anti-anxiety blend of frankincense, lavender, cedarwood & ylang ylang helps give sense to ultimate tranquility. Inspired by still nights sitting underneath a large starry sky, gazing into the Joshua Tree desert view.


    Receive the ultimate sense of all your favorite Fall vibes from the unique scent combination of spiced pear & bourbon— this one's on the sweeter side with top notes of juicy pear, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, vanilla bean & brown sugar. 


    Inspired by the warmth of holiday moments & snowshoeing through a Mount Shasta trail. Enjoy notes of balsam fir, apple & cinnamon in this limited edition seasonal scent.